Turning Point

News For This Week!



News for this week!


Worship Team @ 9:00am

LIFE Classes @ 9:30am

Morning Worship with Pastor Hale @ 10:30am

Evening Worship with Pastor Hale @ 6:00pm


Wednesday - Family Night @ 6:00 p.m.

                      Worship Team @ 7:00 p.m.



- Sending others to share Jesus with the lost
- Showing Jesus to those in need
Missions giving supports missionary work in other countries, while Benevolence funds help those in our own church family who are faced with a financial crisis.  The first Sunday of each month is designated as Missions Sunday for the month.  To contribute, write ‘Missions’ or ‘Benevolence’ on your check or tithe envelope.

The Turning Point WorshipTeam

is supported by profits from recycling used cell phones and printer cartridges (ink and laser jet).  Phones and cartridges can be left in the basket in the office hall at any time.  All proceeds are used for the purchase of music and supplies.









Have you reached your

Turning Point?







  • New Name

  • New Hope

  • New Attitude

  • New Adventure

  • New Excitement

  • New Challenges

  • New Journey

  • New Start for a

  • New Church

Come find YOUR Turning Point!



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