Turning Point


What If I Fail?

You do not have to fail! 
But if you do, ask God to forgive you and start over.  Determine, by His help, not to fail again in the same way.  

What Now? 
It depends on you.  If you follow the plan of prayer, Bible study, and attending church, you will have a most wonderful and satisfying life.  And at Turning Point you will find people who will be glad to help you!   

Don't Leave Yet! 
Take a little time to thank God for what He has done for you.  Praise Him for what He has already done in you, and everything that He is going to do as you begin to follow Him!  

Spiritual Help Resources

  • Connecting through Prayer
    A consistent prayer life is fundamental to establishing strong connections with God, others, and God's plan for our lives. Drawn from the booklet "Connecting through Prayer," this article is sure to enrich your prayer life.