Turning Point

Young Adults

Some of our young adults are still in college or graduate school. Some are working part-time, others full-time.  Some are single - others are just starting families.  Whatever the situation, the young adults of Turning Point are a valued part of the church family.

Young adults work in LIFE Classes, Mega Ministry, Choir, and help to provide drama.  They are involved in every aspect of church life at Turning Point - and they are most appreciated!





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Single Adult Resources

  • Single Awareness Clarification Quiz

    Would you like to evaluate your awareness as a single adult? Take this quiz!

  • Myths of Singleness

    Have you ever heard or thought: single adults are lonely...single adults have fewer problems than married adults...single adults are not complete until they are married? The list of myths goes on but I challenge you to take a new perspective.

  • Sexual Purity - Challenge, Choice, Cherish

    As single adults, we face numerous challenges and temptations in choosing sexual purity for our lives.  For most of us, we are regularly faced with the difficulty of making choices that align with God’s design for us. 

  • Five Stages of Dating Relationships

    Without taking enough time and effort to progress through each stage, the relationship faces the huge risk of premature commitment and the almost inevitable reality of huge issues and problems that will arise.

  • Chosen Vessels

    The leadership and congregation of Chosen Vessels Women's Ministries encompass the true meaning of discipleship.